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   Wires X 21179 & DMR TG31179
       Bridging Hams in Central IL 

WCRA currently owns and operates 2 Yaesu fusion digital repeaters that are connected to Wires X .  1 repeater is located in Kickapoo and operates at 146.760. Our other repeater is located at the Woodford EOC and operates on 444.750. Both Repeaters are full time linked and both must use the setting DGID01. Please make sure you set your. DGID to at least TX 01.  Check your specific yaesu manual on how to set this on your radio. 

Both repeaters has access to 1 Wires x connection.  Our whole system acts as 1 large wide area repeater system and you can access Wires X from either repeater. 

To access Wires x you must set up. your radio correctly. It would be best to read the Wires X manual for your specific radio but below is the basics.  if you are having trouble connecting to wires X please email us at and we would be glad to help. 

1.  On your radio find the "Wires X set up icon in your listing of settings.   You will want to turn your wires DGID to 01

2.  Then from either repeater press the orange x button and it should connect, if not please try a 2nd time.  

3.  You may connect to any room you like. After 1 hour of connection the system will revert back to our home room on Wires X which is 21179.  Your friends around the world can connect to 21179 and connect up to our wires X room and talk to you that way also. 

For those that don't have Yaesu System Fusion but have a DMR  hot spot or have DMR  radio you use on your local DMR repeater, you can also join in on the digital fun.  We have a Brandmeister talk group 31179 bridged to  our wires X room of 21179.

So thats right if our Wires X is currently in wires x room 21179, any DMR person on talk group 31179 can talk to you.  This feature allows more hams to be able to talk across multiple platforms.   

Again if anyone is having troubles,  please contact us at and we would be glad to h  elp the best we can.     

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