We are a group of Ham radio operators in Woodford and surrounding counties that own and operate two VHF and two UHF repeater systems for all ham radio operators to enjoy. Our Roanoke repeaters are both System Fusion and are connected to the Wires X system for linking .


Our Roanoke VHF repeater is 147.255 with a 103.5 tone and is linked via EchoLink and Wires-X analog.  This repeater is in Automatic Mode Select (AMS) so QSO's in either ANALOG or DIGITAL mode are supported locally.

Our Roanoke UHF repeater is 444.750 with a DCS 464 access code and is linked via Wires-X digital.  The repeater is also set to AMS so both analog and digital QSO's are available locally. It defaults to a LINKED STATE on the IL-CENTRAL Room.

We also operate two analog FM repeaters in Kickapoo, IL, a VHF repeater at 146.760 PL103.5 and a UHF repeater at 444.200 PL103.5. These machines are analog FM only at this time.

Even though our repeaters our open to all ham radio operators, we encourage you to join our group as a paying member to help support the upkeep and fund new equipment in the future to further  provide the joy of ham radio to new hams, current hams and future hams.  Membership is only $20 per year, or $25 for a household with more than one licensed amateur. To join please print and fill out this MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, then mail to our Treasurer, Roger K9VSK at the address listed on the form. 

We are always looking for new members and members that would like to help us keep all the equipment going. 




2020 Club Officers

President:            Gary Knepp, WB9IFL

Vice President:   Evan Foster, KD9GQX

Sec/Treasurer:   Roger Studer K9VSK

Trustee:                Brad Haney, K9BDH

Tech Director:     Brad Haney, K9BDH

Directors:             Tom Herrick, NT9H

                                Will Snyder, KD9KZ

Website:               Jeff Dale, KB9JD

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