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Woodford County Repeater Association in cooperation with Woodford County EMA is proud to sponsor multiple winlink gateways for area hams to use.  We offer the following. 

1. WINLINK VHF on 144.950 utilizing VARA FM


2. WINLINK VHF on 145.610 utilizing 1200 baud packet


3. WINLINK HF utilizing VARA HF and ARDOP 

VHF winlink is currently being hosted at  the Woodford County EOC.  VARA FM is at 130' and PACKET is at about 60 foot.

We recognize that is not the tallest place to host winlink since the elevation is lower but currently that is the best we can do at this time.   

HF winlink is currently being hosted at our 146.610 repeater site utilizing a simple HF. multi band vertical. 

We also now take check in's for our weekly 2 meter net via winlink. Once you are. on WINLINK simply send an winlink message to WCRANET  with your name, callsign, and QTH along of what method you used to send message. ( VARAFM, PACKET,TELENET,VARAHF, ARDOP) 

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