Tuesday Night Net  9:00 PM local time


JAN:   K9UQF - Curt

FEB:   KD9IBC - Mark

MAR:  KA9KBG - John

APR:   K9VGC - Al

MAY:    K9VSK - Roger

JUN:    KA9KBG - John

JUL:     W9AMS - Tony




NOV:    WB9IFL - Gary



(Use 9 tone for 10 seconds)

" Attention all stations this is ............(Insert your call ) acting net control for the Woodford County ham radio net, on the 1-4-7 dot 255 / 1-4-7 dot 855 repeater and all other connected repeaters. The WCRA repeaters are owned and maintained by the Woodford County Repeater Association for use by all licensed amateurs. Our mission is public service as a FCC authorized RACES net, in cooperation with Woodford County Emergency Management Agency.  This Net meets Each Tuesday night at 9pm local time and is a directed net. Net control will first take check-ins from Mobile/ Short timers, Area towns, internet stations, then all other stations"  

 " Do we have any check ins from....  (Carlock, Congerville, El Paso, Eureka, Germantown Hills, Goodfield, Lowpoint Washburn, Metamora, Roanoke Benson/Secor, Spring Bay"    " Are there any Internet connected Stations"  ( Leave longer pause to let the links work) ,  Anyone from outside Woodford County"

At close of Net, close with "This is ...........(Insert your call), Acting Net Control station returning the 147.255 / 147.855 K9WRA repeater to general use at (insert time) local time."

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