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2024 Tuesday Night Net Controllers Jan - Jun 

JAN:  WB9IFL Gary Knepp

FEB:  KD9VQQ Monte Alkire

MAR: WF9E Steve Hart

APR: K9VSK Roger Studer

MAY: KD9AER Steve Grob

JUN:  KD9IVV Rick Hink

2024 Tuesday Night Net Controllers Jul - Dec

JUL: N9CS Todd Ricca

AUG: W9AMS Tony Selvaggio

SEP:  KB9JD Jeff Dale

OCT:  KD9YWB Mike Staub

NOV:  K9XE Will Snyder

DEC:  KD9IAT Matt Roop


PREAMBLE to initiate Tuesday Night Net:


Attention all stations, this is (your call sign), acting net control for the Woodford County Repeater Association net on the K9WRA 146.610 repeater located in Metamora, IL and the linked 443.175 repeater located at Proctor Hospital in Peoria, IL. Both repeaters utilize the 103.5 tone. Our mission is public service in cooperation with Woodford County Emergency Management Agency. This net meets each Tuesday night at 9 pm local time and is a directed net. 


I will: 

1st take check-ins from anyone with club traffic to share with all net participants.


(Take check-in from those with club traffic and let them share their traffic.)


Next I will:

take check-ins that have come in through WinLink over the past week.  Will the Winlink Coordinator please give us the WinLink Check-Ins?


(Take report from WinLink Net Coordinator, WinLink Coordinator should share these are Check-Ins from from WinLink Stations over the last week to the WinLink Address WCRANET)


Our check-in order will now proceed as follows. I will take check-ins from any mobile or short timers who are unable to stay for the entire net followed by radio operators in Woodford and surrounding County Towns. Finally, I will take check-ins from internet stations on Echolink.


If you have general traffic to share, please indicate that as you check in, and you will be given an opportunity to share your traffic after Net Control completes all check-ins.


I will now begin taking check-ins, are there any mobile or short-timers who wish to check in at this time?”


Do we have any check-ins from.... (Follow the order of the On-Line Check List). 


Click on the PDF below to download an updated Check in list to help you while your a net controller 

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