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We are currently dabbling in getting our name and our organization out.  We are currently selling some club branded stickers to anyone that would like them.  They are vinyl stickers designed to be water proof and UV protected from fade.  They are designed to be able to put them on your window on your car. They also do look great when you add them to your Yeti Tumbler. 

To purchase in person, please contact Tony (W9AMS) at  He lives in Eureka and will be happy to make arrangements for you to stop by and purchase some.  You can also contact Brad(K9BDH), He lives in Metamora and he is available for personal pick up in Metamora also.   The cost for the stickers if you pick them up in person are $3.00 for large ones and 2.00 for small ones.  If you would like to order online the price is  $3.25 for large stickers and $2.25 for small stickers. This will help us offset the shipping and paypal fees.  If these are a success we will add more items work on cheaper shipping and cheaper paypal fees. 

We also have a link for CLUB LOGO SHIRTS.  As a full disclaimer, the club doesn't get any kick back from the sale of the shirts but besides we are offering the service if anyone wants any club Logo shirts.

If you do have your own paypal account you can help us cut down on the fees by logging into your paypal account and sending payment to   After you put in your amount, enter in a note on what you are buying, membership, donation or stickers. If stickers how many of each size. Then press Continue.  it will bring you to another screen and it will give you the chance to change it from goods and services to. "FAMILY AND FRIENDS".   Please do this as it cuts down on our fees and the club will make more money.

Club Sticker on Yeti         (example) 

Club Stickers 

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