The plan is to put the following equipment at the Roanoke EOC and remote link the 147.255 repeater to the new UHF repeater in Peoria, to be located atop Proctor Hospital. This link would be independent of internet. Squelch tail will have to be kept to almost 0 and there would be no roger beep at the end of any transmission except when Echolink would key up.


Below are the parts that the club will have to purchase to make this possible.  Of course if some one has any one of the parts below that they would like to donate that is okay also.

A. DMK URI ( USB to Radio interface) $84.95

B. UHF RADIO ( this has currently been donated ) Thank You 

C. Custom Cable to go from DMK URI to radio $60

D. Custom Cable from Current DMK URI to VERTEX Rptr. $60

E. LMR 400 100 feet $129.99

F. 3 N connectors for LMR 400 approx $12.00 each, $36

G. 1 PL259 Connector for LMR 400 approx $12.00

H. 1 Polyphaser $67.99

I. 1 6 element UHF beam M2 $105.99

Estimated grand total of parts is $556.92 with some possible tax so lets say not over $575.00


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