Spring 2021 SURVEY

Please take a few moments to complete our online survey. You do NOT need to be a club member to take the survey! Thanks. To get to the survey click this entry and then it will go to the blog entry and you hopefully will see the "online survey" highlighted to the link. OK, don't yell at me, I'm an amateur doing this in my spare time LOL. de KB9JD

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The relocation of the 146.610 repeater has been finalized and initial tests show MUCH improvement over the previous site at the EOC. Stations that were having difficulty using the repeater with hamsh

We have a new club repeater online at the Proctor Hospital in Peoria. The repeater is at 443.175 + T103.5 It is set to Automatic Mode Select (AMS) so it works on either Analog FM or C4FM digital...w